Festival Dental Group and Orthodontics strives to be the best dental office in Surprise! Some of the more common procedures include repairing cavities with dental fillings or dental crowns if needed. We believe that great dental hygiene is the foundation of a healthy mouth, so we encourage you to schedule your routine dental cleaning appointments! If you're interested in teeth straightening, we have a family orthodontist on staff who can discuss braces. Our endodontist specializes in root canal treatment and has options to get you feeling better quickly! Missing teeth can be addressed with our periodontist, who offers dental implants and treatment for gum disease. Lastly, we have an oral surgeon on staff who works with patients that need a single tooth or several teeth removed, including wisdom teeth extractions. At Festival Dental Group and Orthodontics, our patient-centric approach means more tailored treatment plans to fit your needs and wants.